Infinity Futures Sierra Charts Webinar

How to Adapt Your Trading in Volatile Markets

Here’s a recording of my presentation earlier this week with Infinity Futures all about ways to adapt your trading in volatile markets. Continue reading →

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Down Trend

How to Play Stock Market Selloffs and Monster Rallies

Rather than trying to take capitalize off the daily swings that occur after a steep decline my approach is to turn to the small time frame of the 512 tick chart. Continue reading →

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Market Internals Sierra Charts

Improve Your Entries & Exits with Market Internals

In this webinar I walk through how to use the NYSE Tick, Breadth, and Advance/Decline Line to better your trading and get a leg up on other traders. Continue reading →

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Market Retracements

How to Trade Market Retracements (Webinar Recording)

Here’s a recording of my presentation last week with Infinity Futures all about trading Market Retracements. Continue reading →

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Upcoming Webinars – May 2015

Here’s the list of educational live trading webinars for May. These are free, but there are a limited # of spots so pre-register if you want to get a copy of the recording. Continue reading →

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Positive Net Worth

Building a Long Term Portfolio: How to Keep Your Net Worth Growing Up and to the Right

Take a step back. Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Freedom and flexibility, right? Here are a few ways to ensure your net worth trends up and to the right. Continue reading →

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You Only Get One Life, Are You Making the Most of It?

It’s not too often that I find myself writing opinionated pieces, but I felt compelled to share some important viewpoints that I think a lot of you will relate to. Continue reading →

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Fresh Start

Upcoming Events!

Next week I will be presenting a webinar all about Market Profile. Click the blog post to get registered. Continue reading →

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Market Profile EminiMind

The Ultimate Guide to Market Profile

In this post we take a deeper look at Market Profile and ways find low risk, high reward trading areas based upon a few simple rules and strategies. Continue reading →

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Camera Lense

3 Mistakes I Made When Making the Switch to Trading Full Time

When I first began trading I did it part-time, meaning I worked, went to school, and traded “on the side.” It was nice. Eventually though, I transitioned to trading full-time. Here’s how… Continue reading →

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