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12 Characteristics of Highly Successful Traders

For those serious about trading for a living, the following list of traits uncovers traits found in every highly successful trader. Continue reading →

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How to Build Wealth

My Step by Step Investment Strategy for Building Wealth

The following principles are not taught in school, so unless you are fortunate enough to learn them from a wise parent, teacher, or mentor, it’s likely that you fall into a similar situation as most. Continue reading →

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Autumn Leaves

Fall is Here – Great Trading Opportunities Ahead

Fall and spring are the best times to be a trader. Here’s the day trading setups I’ll be looking for these next few months. Continue reading →

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Live Trading Room

Trading Room

After many requests from EminiMind followers, I’ve decided to open up a trading room. The room will be open Tuesday’s from 8:30 – 10:00 CST, more info… Continue reading →

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Live Trading Webinars

Upcoming Webinars: March

Mar 17, 2016 (Thursday) – 9:30 PM EST – Click the link in this post to register. Continue reading →

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Live Trading Session Jan 21 w/ Infinity Futures

Live Trading Session – Recording

In this live trading session we took 2 trades in the first hour for a profit of $350 using just 1 contract. Watch the full trading session. Continue reading →

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Goal Setting Ideas for Traders

It’s almost a new year! Time for a fresh start! It’s time to reflect back on the things we’ve accomplished this year and set goals for 2014. Here are the exercises I go through at the end of each year. … Continue reading

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Managing Your Trading Emotions

An In-Depth Guide to Managing Your Trading Emotions

You have a trading plan, you keep meticulous records, you study the markets each evening and on weekends, but you still may not be making consistent money. This post is designed to change that. Continue reading →

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The Importance of a Trading Buddy

The journey to becoming a professional trader can be a long and seemingly lonely road. Here are some reasons why a trading buddy can exponentially improve your trading. Continue reading →

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A Month Long Hiatus? Not Quite…

So let’s talk about August, or not. By now, you’re probably saying to yourself “where’s Tim been?” Well, it wasn’t my intention to neglect the blog these past 30 days, here’s what’s been going on… Continue reading →

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