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Give Yourself a Mental Workout: 5 Brain Exercises

The human brain is an amazing tool, but our brains are only as sharp as the content we fuel it with.

Here are 5 exercises you can do to strengthen your brain. Continue reading

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Trader Intuition: How to Know When You’ve Got it and When to Trust it

When I first started out as a trader I got to learn from a variety of successful traders and they all told me the same thing, which was… Continue reading

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10 Steps to Developing a Winning Trader’s Mindset

I recently traveled to New York to deliver a talk at the 2013 Trader’s Expo. Here’s the recording, slides, and transcript for you to view at your leisure. Let me know what you think about the presentation in the comments section at the bottom of the post. Continue reading

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5 Misconceptions About the Professional Futures Trader

After years of answering emails filled with questions from newer traders I felt it’s time to set a few things straight. Here’s what it means to really trade for a living (according to me, that is). Continue reading

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An In-Depth Guide to Managing Your Trading Emotions

You have a trading plan, you keep meticulous records, you study the markets each evening and on weekends, but you still may not be making consistent money.

This post is designed to change that. Continue reading

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The Importance of a Trading Buddy

The journey to becoming a professional trader can be a long and seemingly lonely road. Here are some reasons why a trading buddy can exponentially improve your trading. Continue reading

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Think Like a Trader: 7 Principles of Consistency

The biggest leap forward in my trading came when I began to think like a trader. There was one book that helped me more than any other. In this post I share how you can utilize these principles to trade with more confidence and consistency. Continue reading

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The BEST of EminiMind

I’ve created over 100 EminiMind posts and videos to help you in your trading. Sorting through all that information can be a little overwhelming so I went through and organized my BEST content for you. Continue reading

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Here’s a Quick Way to Build Confidence in Your Trading

When was the last time you had a “light bulb” moment?

Most of my discoveries and “light bulb” moments (surprisingly) don’t happen during the trading day. Here are some ideas to help prime your brain to make big strides in your trading. Continue reading

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5 Exercises to Help Control Your Emotions During a Trade

Each trading day is a New Day! Fresh Start! As Ben Lichtenstein of Traders Audio likes to say.

The emotions we face once in a trade can override all the preparation and planning that took place leading up to the trade. Give these exercises a try. Continue reading

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