My 3 Biggest Trading Screw Ups and How I Overcame Them

Doh! Crap! Idiot! …we’ve all been there.

Here are three screw ups I made early on in my trading and how I overcame them. Continue reading

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The Downside of Trading in Isolation

Working from home and being your own boss can be great, but it can also suck.

Here are some important things to keep in mind if you decide to make the switch from a traditional office to a working at home environment. Continue reading

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Unconventional Ways to Create Good Habits & Achieve Goals

It’s about that time …You’ve given up on (or broke) your New Year’s resolution(s). Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Before you admit defeat, try this. Continue reading

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6 Simple Ways to Construct A Better Trading Mindset

This post is a little different.

Find out why, and the 6 things you can do right now to contribute to your trading success tomorrow.

In it, I will talk about how to get control of your finances, reduce your debt, and build financial security. Continue reading

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Here’s a Quick Way to Build Confidence in Your Trading

When was the last time you had a “light bulb” moment?

Most of my discoveries and “light bulb” moments (surprisingly) don’t happen during the trading day. Here are some ideas to help prime your brain to make big strides in your trading. Continue reading

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Stage 5 Trader Platform + Upcoming Webinar

In an industry where reliability and real people matter, Stage 5 brings a refreshing vision to trading. Here’s why I feel the Stage 5 brokerage firm and their team are someone you should know. Continue reading

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Goal Setting Ideas for Traders

It’s almost a new year! Time for a fresh start!

It’s time to reflect back on the things we’ve accomplished this year and set goals for 2014. Here are the exercises I go through at the end of each year. Continue reading

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Give Yourself a Mental Workout: 5 Brain Exercises

The human brain is an amazing tool, but our brains are only as sharp as the content we fuel it with.

Here are 5 exercises you can do to strengthen your brain. Continue reading

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Day Trading ES Weekly Options: An Alternative to Futures

Every so often a new product comes out that opens a new door to opportunity.

Behold the lower risk alternative for day trading futures, giving traders with smaller accounts the ability to take advantage of the bigger price moves. Continue reading

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The Risk Assessment Exercise

It’s when market conditions change that action is required. Well, the market’s are changing and here’s what to do. Continue reading

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Trader Intuition: How to Know When You’ve Got it and When to Trust it

When I first started out as a trader I got to learn from a variety of successful traders and they all told me the same thing, which was… Continue reading

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The Real “Secret” to Profiting from the Markets

Have you ever stopped and really taken a look at your trade data? Are you confident in your ability to trade consistently? Are you profitable over the long term?

In this post I address one of my biggest “light-blub” moments. Here’s what you need to know… Continue reading

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How to 80/20 Your Trading Business

In this post I will show you how an 80/20 analysis can help you become a more profitable trader. I share a few weekly exercises to improve your trading right away. Continue reading

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10 Steps to Developing a Winning Trader’s Mindset

I recently traveled to New York to deliver a talk at the 2013 Trader’s Expo. Here’s the recording, slides, and transcript for you to view at your leisure. Let me know what you think about the presentation in the comments section at the bottom of the post. Continue reading

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Upcoming Events (Feb 2013): Plus a Bonus Trader Interview

Things have been busy as I prep for New York. Here’s what’s happening this week, plus a few special announcements. Continue reading

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