Infinity Futures Sierra Charts Webinar

How to Adapt Your Trading in Volatile Markets

Here’s a recording of my presentation earlier this week with Infinity Futures all about ways to adapt your trading in volatile markets. Continue reading →

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Down Trend

How to Play Stock Market Selloffs and Monster Rallies

Rather than trying to take capitalize off the daily swings that occur after a steep decline my approach is to turn to the small time frame of the 512 tick chart. Continue reading →

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Market Internals Sierra Charts

Improve Your Entries & Exits with Market Internals

In this webinar I walk through how to use the NYSE Tick, Breadth, and Advance/Decline Line to better your trading and get a leg up on other traders. Continue reading →

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Market Retracements

How to Trade Market Retracements (Webinar Recording)

Here’s a recording of my presentation last week with Infinity Futures all about trading Market Retracements. Continue reading →

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Upcoming Webinars – May 2015

Here’s the list of educational live trading webinars for May. These are free, but there are a limited # of spots so pre-register if you want to get a copy of the recording. Continue reading →

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Positive Net Worth

Building a Long Term Portfolio: How to Keep Your Net Worth Growing Up and to the Right

Take a step back. Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Freedom and flexibility, right? Here are a few ways to ensure your net worth trends up and to the right. Continue reading →

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You Only Get One Life, Are You Making the Most of It?

It’s not too often that I find myself writing opinionated pieces, but I felt compelled to share some important viewpoints that I think a lot of you will relate to. Continue reading →

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Fresh Start

Upcoming Events!

Next week I will be presenting a webinar all about Market Profile. Click the blog post to get registered. Continue reading →

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Market Profile EminiMind

The Ultimate Guide to Market Profile

In this post we take a deeper look at Market Profile and ways find low risk, high reward trading areas based upon a few simple rules and strategies. Continue reading →

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Camera Lense

3 Mistakes I Made When Making the Switch to Trading Full Time

When I first began trading I did it part-time, meaning I worked, went to school, and traded “on the side.” It was nice. Eventually though, I transitioned to trading full-time. Here’s how… Continue reading →

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Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

This is your opportunity to let me know what you’d like to see, read about, or anything you think the blog needs (or needs removed). Leave your suggestions Continue reading →

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Fall Leaves

Fall is Here! And so are a Few Changes

Wow it’s been a busy couple of months! (I feel like I start every blog post off that way these days). A lot has happened this summer and there have been some big (and exciting) changes in my life… Continue … Continue reading

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Q + A

E-mini ES Trading Strategy Q+A

Your trading questions answered… Here are some common (and uncommon) questions I get from traders regarding my trading setups, strategy, and trade execution. Continue reading →

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