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November 29, 2011

The BEST of EminiMind

Welcome to the BEST posts, videos, and tools on the EminiMind blog.

I’ve created over 100 EminiMind posts and videos to help you in your trading. Sorting through all that information can be a little overwhelming so I went through and organized my BEST content for you.

Find the topic or topics that interest you the most, and enjoy!

The Basics

Do you really know how the futures market works? If the answer is anything but yes, make sure to review the following two articles outlining some of the basics. Trading successfully begins with a sound understanding of the fundamentals.

On a broader scale, here is a little story about WHY in our quest for success?

Goal Setting

I like to take a top down approach and begin by looking at the bigger picture. Trading is just a small piece of the pie. It’s important to put together a long term plan that includes investments for retirement. Here are some tips and exercises to get started.

Initial Setup: Computer Requirements and Trading Software

Once you setup an environment for your trading, a reliable charting package and order execution platform are the two pieces of software you will need. Here are some posts to help you setup your trading office and a review about the platform I use, Infinity Futures. For charts I use the thinkorswim®.

Setting Up Your Trading Screen

Once you’re up and running, the next step is to setup your trading screen. Setup your screen with the indicators and tools which you need to make trading decisions. I challenge you to remove anything that does not directly relate to your trading system as this can distract and cause you to hesitate when it comes time to pull the trigger.

Trader Interviews, Stories, and Other Insights from Top Traders

Learn by emulating. Those who have experience in our field of expertise can act as great resources. I myself have learned great deal from the successes and failures of other traders, especially those talked about in the Market Wizards series. In this group of posts you can read about my story, and learn from other great traders.

Developing a Trading Strategy

As I progressed through my trading career I found myself pulling various methods and tidbits from other traders. Here is a two part series I put together on how you can develop a profitable trading strategy.

Market Internals: The Foundation of a Great Trader

Understanding market internals acts as the foundation of great trading. In this 5 part series I address each market internal (Breadth, A/D Line, Trin, and Tick) and help you better understand how to incorporate them into your own trading.

I’ve created a video on how to setup your market internals in Thinkorswim the same way I do, that video can be found here:

Learn From Your Mistakes (And the Mistakes of Others)

In 2011 I had the pleasure to speak at the Trader’s Expo in Las Vegas (for the 2nd time). The topic for my talk revealed common mistakes that trader’s (including myself) make and techniques you can use to avoid them.

The Mental Game: Trading Psychology

Trading I feel is made up of a mental aspect, mindset, and the physical aspect, execution. The mental game is the harder part to master and is what most traders’ lack. I believe trading is 90% mental and 10% execution. While you certainly need that 10% to make money, in order to execute effectively you must have the right mindset.

The following posts are my best pieces to help with your trading psychology.

I couldn’t finish this section off without talking about Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. This is a fantastic book which took my trading to another level after I read it.


Deciding which tools or indicators to use and which to disregard is an iterative process. Given so many options, here are a select few indicators which I have honed in on over the years. You may find them useful in your trading or, you may not.

Tools for Building a Successful Trading Journal

Analyzing your trades after the market is closed is a crucial step to improvement. You will need an organized way to categorize, analyze, and reflect on your trades.

The trading journals that I use is:

Here are a few posts on how you can build your own personal trading journal and a short market homework assignment for you to add to your nightly routine.

Motivational Videos

We call go through rough periods in our trading. I put together a collection of videos that I found particularly motivating. You can watch those in this video tribute post.

Taxes, Benefits, and Legalities

If you are actively trading the markets then it is wise to think about creating an entity for your trading. Whether you plan to trade full-time or part-time, there are many tax laws which can benefit you as a trader. I talk about some of them in this article and reference a few places you can go to find out more information.

Other Can’t Miss Items

My Resource Page – Additional tools and books that I use every day in my trading.

My Trading Rules – Specific setups, defined rules, and methods for developing a winning mindset.

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Advanced Trading Techniques – Continue growing as a trader with this monthly membership feature with exclusive webinars, videos, trading documentaries, and other bonus items.

Topstep Trader – If you like the idea of trading without using your own money and building good trading habits along the way, Topstep Trader might a good option for you. Use code save20 for 20% off the trading combine.


All the EminiMind posts can be found in the Archives.

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Tim Racette is a day trader of 15+ years in the E-mini futures and swing trader of stocks. Mountain biker, lover of the outdoors, and explorer. Tim is an ASU Sun Devil and a Chicagoland Native now living in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.
  1. Tim – this is a great post. Thanks for putting the best resources all on one page. Trading can be challenging for those of us who are learning and it is great to have someone like you on our side and helping us along the journey.

    No lie – EminiMind is one of the best resources on the internet. I have gotten so many good things from this site and look forward to the things to come.

  2. Thanks T Allen, look for more great content in the months ahead!

  3. Hi Tim,

    I’ve come across many sites, and this is one of the few that offers no nonsense advice and rules. Well done!!
    New traders take note! Seasoned traders nothing like doing some revision. I’m always referring to Mark Douglas ‘Cool Hand Luke’ quote!
    Big day today with NFP, no boredom trades before or after the data.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Tim, your site is incredible! There is a tremendous amount of valuable information here. It’s well organized and laid out beautifully. I can’t thank you enough for putting it all together.

  5. Tim’s site is a great resource and is always trying to be as helpful as possible. I did one-on-one mentoring sessions with him as well and it is definitely worth it. He keeps it very simple and is a must for the new trader to find early like I did! I am very thankful. Thanks again Tim!

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