Apprenticeship Program

I’ve put together a trading apprenticeship program and have a couple options you can choose from.

These are designed from successful programs I’ve used over the past 7 years or so working one on one with traders. Some of which are helpful techniques that I learned down at the Chicago Board of Trade and from some VERY successful screen traders since the late 80’s.

What’s Included:

  • Weekly one on one video call w/ screen sharing (45-mins)
  • Daily trade review (via email screenshots & discussion)
  • Structured training materials:
    • Weekly exercises & best practices to help you grow as a trader
    • Trading strategy
    • Trade management
    • Emotional detachment
    • Goal setting (optional – financial/retirement planning)

There is a 1 month ($497) or 3 month ($1297) option and also a 2 week daily trade review ($197) plan available. If there is something else you’d like to add in I’m happy to customize as needed.

To schedule a one on one mentoring session or to find out more about the EminiMind Apprenticeship Program please email Tim@EminiMind.com.