Apprenticeship Program

The trading apprenticeship program is a highly effective way to accelerate your trading.

This program is designed from successful programs I’ve used over the past 10 years of working one on one with traders. Some of these helpful techniques I learned down at the Chicago Board of Trade and from some incredibly successful screen traders who have been trading since the late 80’s.

What’s Included:

  • Weekly one on one video call w/ screen sharing (1-hr)
  • Daily trade review (via email screenshots & discussion)
  • Structured training materials:
    • Weekly exercises & best practices to help you grow as a trader
    • Trading strategy
    • Trade management
    • Emotional detachment
    • Goal setting (optional – financial/retirement planning)
  • Supplemental readings to go along with the program

This month long program is $497. If there is a specific area of your trading you’d like to address in I’m happy to customize as needed.

To schedule a one on one mentoring session or to find out more about the EminiMind Apprenticeship Program please email Tim@EminiMind.com.