Here’s what some of my traders and followers of EminiMind have to say:

“I can’t recommend [Tim’s] program enough! [Tim has] had a huge effect on my trading skill and confidence. Like others it has taken me years to get to this point, but, now I have confidence and patience to execute when and where I should. Thanks so much! – Stan W.

“Tim with EminiMind has been integral part of my trading journey and is a big reason why my trading has moved forward the past 6 months. More than anything else the discipline he has taught me and sticking to my detailed plan, without exception, has helped me keep my losing days manageable (most important) and my winning days more profitable.

His no nonsense, grounded and straight forward approach to trading is exactly what I needed to get to the next level in my trading career. Thank you so much Tim!” – David W.
“I wanted to take the time and write to thank you for everything.  I have finally achieved consistent trading profitability over the past few months and you are a big part of how I got here.

From day one your trading & teaching approach really resonated with me.  I have studied a few other approaches along my journey, but always found myself coming back to yours. You encapsulate a number of essential factors (measured moves, market structure, multi-time frame analysis, and time of day) in a straightforward, relatively simple, and executable approach.

I have studied almost all of your YouTube videos in detail, and never miss your weekly updates. Over the past 8 months I have learned a ton just listening to your market breakdowns each week.

I highly doubt I could ever have achieved consistent profitability in month 10, 11 and 12 of my first year of trading without you. So again thank you for everything, including taking the time to produce your YouTube videos, and always responding to my emails. It has been noted, appreciated and really made a huge difference here. Thank you Tim.” – Mark B.

“I love how simple Tim has been with showing how to enter and exit ES. I first found him on YouTube and I liked his style with 2 charts to look at and use one screen. I can travel and trade with my laptop. His VIP is very valuable and I liked being able to see him trade live on Tuesday mornings for 90 minutes. His goals and strategy lines up with what I wanted, such as, he trades the first part of the day and trades ES. He will show how to trade stocks and options as well. I highly recommend his training!” – Amity

“I really want to thank you again for mentoring me last year. The results have been incredible ever since, this year is the most profitable and consistent I have ever been. What really excelled me is taking your strategies and then molding them in a way that fits my trading style. Without your help I wouldn’t be where I am now. Not to mention, I’m a funded trader on Topstep Trader and don’t need to risk my own capital anymore if I don’t want to. I just wanted to reach out and let you know the impact you have made on me.” – Daniel

“Tim and the great content he has created on the Eminimind blog has been an enormous help to my new trading career. I have been trading full time now for about a year and a half. I have joined numerous groups in that time and tried many systems, indicators, markets and overall approaches. When I found Tim’s site, joined his live streams, and went all in on learning his very simplified trading system, my own trading of the /ES has improved and is finally consistent. Now I have a trading system  I am confident will work for a long and successful career, if I am able to keep my discipline and mindset consistent as well.  Tim’s weekly emails are a big help in getting my mental side of this equation to place it needs to be.” – Ryan

“I’m a fairly experienced trader with a background in stocks, currencies, and futures. I’ve worked with coaches in each field, and Tim’s one of only two people I’d recommend. He does a great job separating performance issues from strategy issues, and then works on measurable improvements in both through specific, concrete actions. Tim answered all my questions, slowed down and simplified a lot of my approach, and offered a positive, supportive outlet through the course of the coaching period. I’d been a reader of his material for years – it’s all great stuff – but his 1-on-1 coaching was the most valuable investment I’ve made in my trading in the last 5 years. I highly recommend working with him.” – Dan

“I bought your Trading Rules for the ES & 6E Futures a few weeks ago when I discovered your blog. That is a great ebook. It is always a pleasure to buy something from somebody like you who gives free resources to traders such as the PDF download in this newsletter.” – Tommy, Louisiana

“You really do have a great site. I’ve been trading for 10 years and what you’re doing is real quality and you come across as a very genuine and willing person who does want to help people. I will be sure to tell others to check you out. GREAT WORK!  Take care.” – George, Louisiana

“Your eBook was of the best value for money trading education items I’ve bought.” – Joao, Portugal

“The material that you send out every week is some of the best that is out there in the vast world of the internet. It is very informative and educational. As a new trader, I adopted your trading system and all I could say is that it works. My charts are exactly the same as yours and it does all make sense to me. Thanks Tim and keep up the good work.” – Awni

“I wanted to thank you for your ES trading teaching efforts. Since starting to implement your techniques in April of this year I have finally made the turn toward profitability in my ES trading. With that in mind, I feel confident enough now in my trading abilities to unsubscribe from your services – thanks again for everything you do for the trading community and I wish you continued success with Eminimind and your trading!” – Nic, Denver

“Hey Tim my name is Jay and I’ve been learning to trade the last 1.5 years ( some success and some failures) naturally I ran across your YouTube channel and website and must say I’ve applied some of the things I’ve watched and want to give you a big thank you!! I just downloaded the 5 tools you use. Just thanks a bunch and keep up the good work and videos my friend!” – Jay

“Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the valuable videos you have created. My trading has improved precipitously since I discovered your channel and blog.” – Mitch

“Just wanted to let you that you are one of the few trading gurus that I follow consistently. You’re simple approach to trading the ES with a proven strategy has helped me immensely. One of the nice things about your strategies is they have stayed pretty much the same over the last few years. Your trading videos of Fibs and the NYSE tick have definitely made a difference in my daily game plan. Thank you and keep up the great teaching!” – Mark H.
“I came across Eminimind at a webinar for futures traders. And Tim was one of the many speakers during the webinar. But his style and approach of trading spoke to me that day. So since that day I am hooked to his blog and I love reading his newsletters. What I like about Eminimind is that they don’t spam you with product sales. They just give you tips and guidance to the road on how to become a consistent profitable trader. I can say Tim is a true mentor in trading.” – Jack M.
“I want to thank you for your insights and articles that you share with readers. The article about the stages of investing and where we all think we are going to get to much faster than reality. Most authors and trainers make it sound so easy to be successful and how quick you will see success and consistency. You keep it real and talk straight, so I appreciate that, and think that there are many people out there that feel the same way. I appreciate what you bring to the table and sharing your knowledge of trading. Keep it coming and stay different. Those small things make all the difference.” – Steve K.

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