About Tim

Applying the trading mindset to achieve a successful and fulfilling life.

Trader TimHi there, I’m Tim and I’d like to welcome you to EminiMind.

Trading can open up a world of opportunity for you, bringing you closer to your dreams of financial freedom and provide a fulfilling lifestyle.

Developing a career as a trader helps build a success mindset that carries over to all aspects of your life.

I grew up in the Chicagoland area and now live in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. I got exposed to the trading floor at an early age and have been a full time trader since October 2009. I day trade the E-mini futures and swing trade stocks & options.

I’ve had the pleasure to speak at numerous TradersEXPO’s and compete in real money trading challenges with some of the industry’s top trader’s like John Carter (and win!)

In addition to being a trader, I also compete in mountain bike races across the US so when I’m not trading you’ll likely find me outside riding my bike. Through sharing my trading experiences I can help you become a successful trader.

So Why the EminiMind Blog?

With this blog, I share the details on how I trade. I want to provide all the resources and tools to become successful and live a fulfilling life. I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to helping guide you on a path to success.

How to Use this Site

The ideal EminiMind user is someone eager to learn and willing to act. Use these resources as a guide to help you become a consistently profitable trader. My trading methods are not a “get rich quick” approach, rather built for long-term, sustainable growth. Like all endeavors, trading takes hard work so be patient, focused and work smart.

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