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EminiMind.com — applying the trading mindset to achieve a successful and fulfilling life.

My Story

Tim at McDowellHi I’m Tim, a Chicagoland native living in Arizona and full time trader as of October 2009. I day trade the E-mini S&P, Nasdaq Futures, Euro Futures (among others) and swing trade stocks.

I’ve had the pleasure to speak at many TradersEXPO’s over the years and go up against some of the industry’s top trader’s like John Carter in the Infinity Trading Challenge (and win!).

Trading has opened a world of opportunity and the mindset carries over in all aspects of my life. When I’m not in my office trading, you can find me outside riding my bike, sampling new microbreweries, and exploring new places around the globe.

I’ve traveled to 3 continents, 8 countries, and 42 of the 50 US states. I’m a competitive mountain biker, lifestyle entrepreneur, and graduate of Arizona State University. I love learning new things and meeting new people so feel free to introduce yourself.

So Why the EminiMind Blog?

With this blog, I share the details on how I trade. I want to provide all the resources and tools to become successful and live a fulfilling life.

This is both a way for me to document and organize my thoughts, sharing what I’ve learned, as well as learn new things from you in return.

EminiMind is about more than just trading futures for a living, It’s about applying the trader mindset to achieve a successful and fulfilling life.

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How to Use this Site

The ideal EminiMind user is someone eager to learn and willing to act. Use these resources as a guide and remember there is more than one way to trade and be consistently profitable.

Trading is not a way to “get rich quick” it’s a hard way to make an easy living. Like all business endeavors, trading takes hard work and a little bit of luck, as the saying goes the harder you work the luckier you get.

Listen to my Trader Interview:Tim Bourquin & Tim Racette LA Traders Expo 2009


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Thanks everyone!