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A Traders Value to Society

So what exactly is a trader’s value to society?

Nowadays, it seems trading is no longer about making markets, it’s primarily about speculation. About a year ago I conducted a survey to see what some of my readers thought. Here are my findings…

A Video Tribute to All Traders

Over the year’s I’ve come across some cool, unique, inspiring, and downright hilarious videos involving traders. I thought I’d share a handful of them with you in this post.


What Value Do Traders Bring to Society?

As a trader, I’m sure you’ve been pressed with the question, what value do you add to society?

Over the years I have heard arguments for both sides ranging from “a trader provides liquidity, they transferring risk from farmers, to trading is a zero sum game.”

Top 5 Podcasts for Traders

The following are some of the best Podcasts for traders on the subjects of Trading, Trading Strategies, Economics, Libertarianism, Real Estate, and Entrepreneurship. EconTalk Trader Interviews Bloomberg on the Economy The Real Estate Guys Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders