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Micro E-Mini Futures Contracts

CME Micro E-mini Futures Contracts

The CME Group plans to launch Micro E-mini Futures contracts for trading in May of 2019 for the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000 and Dow. Continue reading →

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Live Trading Session Jan 21 w/ Infinity Futures

Live Trading Session – Recording

In this live trading session we took 2 trades in the first hour for a profit of $350 using just 1 contract. Watch the full trading session. Continue reading →

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Stage 5 Trader Platform + Upcoming Webinar

In an industry where reliability and real people matter, Stage 5 brings a refreshing vision to trading. Here’s why I feel the Stage 5 brokerage firm and their team are someone you should know. Continue reading →

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Day Trading ES Weekly Options: An Alternative to Futures

Every so often a new product comes out that opens a new door to opportunity. Behold the lower risk alternative for day trading futures, giving traders with smaller accounts the ability to take advantage of the bigger price moves. Continue … Continue reading

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Traders Are Flocking to E-Mini Index and Forex Futures Trading

As a new trader, the futures markets can seem a bit intimidating. If you currently trade forex and are considering moving into the futures markets, consider some of these similarities and differences. Continue reading →

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5 Methods for Identifying and Entering the Trend

We’ve all heard the saying… “The trend is your friend until the end” In this post I outline techniques for identifying the trend, getting in, and staying in until it fails. Continue reading →

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How Futures Work

Whether you are new to futures trading, or been trading futures for years, it is imperative that you fully understand the fundamentals of how the market works. Here I’ve outlined some basic concepts along with specific details of the S&P500 … Continue reading

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