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Here’s a Quick Way to Build Confidence in Your Trading

When was the last time you had a “light bulb” moment?

Most of my discoveries and “light bulb” moments (surprisingly) don’t happen during the trading day. Here are some ideas to help prime your brain to make big strides in your trading.

Futures Trading Screen (Update): 4 Basic Indicators

Keep it Simple.

That adage ‘KISS’ says it all. When developing trading rules it’s important to keep our trading screens as simple as possible. Find out how simplifying my trading screen improved my trading.

Market Internals 005 – NYSE Tick

The NYSE Tick Index gives us the relationship of stocks up ticking versus down ticking at their last traded price. The Tick is an extremely useful tool for intraday traders.

Market Internals 004 – Trin

TRIN stands for TRaders’ INdex and was developed by Richard Arms in 1989 (it’s also referred to as the Arms Index). Its main purpose is for detecting overbought and oversold levels in the markets.

Market Internals 002 – Breadth

The Breadth Ratio is a volume ratio composed of volume flowing into up stocks versus volume flowing into down stocks. This reading is important in relation to where it has been, especially where we are now compared to where we opened on the day.

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