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Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

In this interview I sit down with Rob Colville, the “Lazy Trader” and talk a bit of trading strategy and what it means to be a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Learn Advanced Trading Techniques

For the past 10 months I’ve been working on putting together an instructional video and webinar series designed to help traders learn some of the more advanced concepts around day trading futures.

Architect Turn Trader — My Story

Discover how I went from studying architecture to trading full-time.

In this interview with Tim Racette (EminiMind’s founder), I share the mindset and skills that have helped me become a consistently profitable trader. I hope the lesson’s I’ve learned can help you in your own trading.

A Trader Interview with Tim Racette

I was recently interviewed by Tim Bourquin of TraderInterviews.com. Tim interviews top traders across the industry in hopes that others can learn from their best practices and trading methods.

Top 5 Podcasts for Traders

The following are some of the best Podcasts for traders on the subjects of Trading, Trading Strategies, Economics, Libertarianism, Real Estate, and Entrepreneurship. EconTalk Trader Interviews Bloomberg on the Economy The Real Estate Guys Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders