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Goal Setting Ideas for Traders

It’s almost a new year! Time to reflect back on the things we’ve accomplished this year and set goals for the new year. Here are the exercises I go through at the end of each year.

Limit Up Podcast Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Eddie Horn over at Topstep Trader about my trading approach along with successes and failures up to this point in my trading life. It’s a great conversation.

How to 80/20 Your Trading Business

In this post I will show you how an 80/20 analysis can help you become a more profitable trader. I share a few weekly exercises to improve your trading right away.

The Importance of a Trading Buddy

The journey to becoming a professional trader can be a long and seemingly lonely road. Here are some reasons why a trading buddy can exponentially improve your trading.

Why You WILL Go Broke Taking a Quick Profit

How many times do you find yourself saying “if I just left my profit target where it was and didn’t mess with the trade it would have worked out and been a big winner?”

When you scalp, you lose. Here’s Why…