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Why You WILL Go Broke Taking a Quick Profit

How many times do you find yourself saying “if I just left my profit target where it was and didn’t mess with the trade it would have worked out and been a big winner?”

When you scalp, you lose. Here’s Why…

6 Simple Ways to Construct A Better Trading Mindset

This post is a little different.

Find out why, and the 6 things you can do right now to contribute to your trading success tomorrow.

In it, I will talk about how to get control of your finances, reduce your debt, and build financial security.

The 2 Best Trading Journal Tools

The best traders in the world will tell you success begins with a trading journal. This is the fastest way to speed up your learning curve.

Here, I’ll provide some great options for record keeping using trading journal spreadsheets.

Getting Started:

Do you want to become a successful trader?

The following is a list of articles, books and audio clips that I used to kick start my trading, you may find them useful in your own trading.

Learn to Invest, Then Learn to Trade

It is important to make the distinction between trading vs. investing. You will be hard pressed to find a trader who is not also an investor, but not all investors are traders. As a matter of fact, if you throw all traders and investors together, traders make up a mere fraction.