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December 27, 2011

Welcoming 2012! – Here are 3 Questions for You, the Reader

I wanted to start by saying Thank You!

Without you this blog would not exist. Thanks for being a loyal follower of EminiMind. I really do value all the great comments and feedback.

3 Quick Questions

(You can respond in the comment section below)

If you’re new to the blog great! If not…

  • What was your First Impression of the EminiMind Blog?
  • How did you first hear about EminiMind?

My goal is to deliver great content that interests you.

  • What topics would you like to read about in 2012?

The EminiMind blog is now ranked #5 out of 900 financial blogs, I’m truly honored. If you care to leave a review you can do so here.

One Final Thought…

This is a great time of year to reflect on the things we value most. How has trading changed your life? How does it fit in with your life’s goals?

Some of you will take things from this blog that you find work immediately. You’ll get something out of the articles your read and the tools I share. Unfortunately, there are probably readers who will leave without taking action. If you want mastery you have to commit.

I want to do what I can to help, but this is really about YOU. It’s about taking what you learn and putting it to use, making something out of it.

People ask me why the blog? To put it simply, helping others is fulfilling. It’s something I enjoy and will continue to do.

Here’s to making 2012 your best year yet!

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About Tim Racette
Tim Racette is a day trader of 15+ years in the E-mini futures and swing trader of stocks. Mountain biker, lover of the outdoors, and explorer. Tim is an ASU Sun Devil and a Chicagoland Native now living in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.
  1. Happy Holidays and Thank You for your comments!

  2. I 1st encountered the blog via mutual interest via twitter follows. I’ve always got time for fellow colleagues putting out quality information, committed to sharing & helping. I’ve tried blogging its a passionate endeavour & extremely difficult when trading 3 time zones.
    I favour Tim’s blog because he defines his methods in a no nonsense, clear succinct manner.
    I’ll DM a potential suggestion.

    Best regards for 2012

  3. I’m pretty new (2 months) to futures. I’m concentrating on E mini, so your information is definately relevant for me!! Thanks for the good work and have a great 2012.

  4. First Impression – I could tell right away that the content on the blog was top quality and meant to help traders in the area where so few blogs fail. EminiMind.Com came at a great time for me in my trading journey.

    How did I hear about the blog? That was via TraderInterviews and Tim B. who did an interview with Tim Racette. Had I not heard the interview, who knows how long it would have taken me to discover this blog.

    Topics for the Future – Just keep doing what you are doing. The content is great so far.

    I certainly appreciate the review on Infinity Futures and am now trading with Infinity.

  5. i’ve been following tim for over 8 months now. i love his way of trading..its keeping it simple..his methods are awesome! my discipline still has a lot to be desired..but, hopefully ill get there soon. i met tim by following him on twitter. keep up the good work Tim!!!

  6. Easy to see at first glance this is World Class info. A site map would be helpful, though.

    • Thanks John. Does the Archives Page suffice or did you have something else in mind?

      • Happy New Years Tim!
        Guess I get lost easily. The “Archives” page is a great resource of info just as it is. And I’ve since found some great links you posted that keep me up to date on what you’ve added to your site.


        • That’s one problem I always faced when looking at blogs, information overload. Now that the EminiMind blog has grown with over 100 posts and videos I will look at possibly adding a more traditional site map in addition to the Archives “Best of” Page.

      • Higor Alves disse:Olá Lina, parabens pelo excelente blog! vou a Paris pela primeira vez e a maioria das ineromaçofs sao do seu blog, realmente muito bom! Vou para o reveillon e fico até dia 7 de janeiro, será que dou sorte e algumas lojas nao entram em liquidaçao ainda nessa data?

      • Totally agree there’s a balance, Will. And yes, smaller goals are going to keep me from slowly killing myself with chips, ice cream and the ever deeper divits in my couch cushions. I’m not sure I’ll be as ambitious as a marathon — I kinda feel the need to try to get faster, rather than go far these days. Thanks for the comment!

  7. 1) WOW, this site cuts to the chase, but in a professional manner that is by far the most useful. 2) Through InfinityFutures another WOW. 3) Just keep up the professionalism and the honesty (BTW) not that you want, and let it flow. thx Tim!!!!

  8. Hi Tim, I came across your site when I was searching for a blog of a full-time futures trader. Particularly enjoyed your post about your daily routine because when you’re still working and looking to make the transition to full-time trading you know the change in lifestyle will be huge, but it’s difficult to know how to best prepare. I like that you post regularly and would be keen to read more about whether you managed your risk/position size differently once you went full-time, and whether you’ve come up against roadblocks that have hindered your progress/results. Do you find if your returns at a consistent level you tend to leave well enough alone, or do you keep looking to increase position size and your returns and tinkering with your system?

    • Hi Jenny, I’ve found it most important to focus on maximizing my winning trades as apposed to increasing the # of winning trades. Therefore increasing contract size has been a big factor. I still see winning and losing streaks, but one of the biggest hurtles has been my ability to remove myself and my emotions from the equation and think in terms of probabilities. The system as whole hasn’t changed a whole lot. Sometimes the markets are fast, sometimes they are slow, sometimes the runners are big, sometimes not so big, but it all averages out.

      Along with my trading, I also contribute to other investments as well as an IRA and brokerage account. I’ve seen this contribute to my added confidence over the years. As my net worth grows, my % of risk capital shrinks. I always tell myself the markets will always be there so I try and remain as patient as possible and not over leverage myself.

  9. “I always tell myself the markets will always be there so I try and remain as patient as possible and not over leverage myself.

    Excellent, Tim, and SO important to remember every trading session.

    • Thanks, Ms. Ele!! I think you were a pretty cute baby too! I&1#827;m sure there must be some more Halloween photos hiding in that big blue bin of yours! I’m amazed that I still have the costume and it makes me very happy!!

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