Getting Started: How to Become a Successful Trader

Are you looking to improve your trading?

The following is a list of articles, books and audio clips that I used to kick start my trading, you may find them useful in your own trading.


Learn to Invest, Then Learn to Trade – why trading and investing go hand in hand.

The 4-hour Work Week – most people pickup trading because of the life they think it will bring, when what they really want is a business that provides passive income.

Think and Grow Rich – talk to any successful business person and they will most likely recommend this book on preparing your mind to live a life filled with success.


Futures Trading, For a Living – apply the trading mindset to live a successful and fulfilling life.

Pick a Market

Why Trade Futures? – the pros and cons of trading futures.

How Futures Work – everything you need to know about how the futures markets work.

Educate YourselfEducate Yourself

Must Read Books – 8 books that helped make me the trader I am today.

Podcasts – 6 Podcasts on the subjects of Economics, Real Estate, and Entrepreneurship.

Audio Series by Peter Reznicek – a must-listen for those new to trading or a seasoned veteran.

Develop a Methodology

Creating Your Own Trading Plan – a step by step guide from my 2009 Trader’s Expo presentation to create your own trading plan.

Ideas for Building Your Personal Trading Journal – tools from my trading journal and links to my excel spreadsheets that I use for record keeping.

Choose a Broker

Infinity Futures – this is the platform I use for executing my futures trades. I have had all positive experiences with Anthony and the Infinity team. Here’s a link to a free practice account.

Thinkorswim – the Apple of online brokerages and the best charting package out there, best of all it’s free. I use Thinkorswim for my charts, stock, and option trades.

Computer Setup

16 Tools For Your Trading Screen – a diagram of how I setup my trading screen and indicators.

Find a Mentor

The 10 Top Traders Who Have Influenced Me the Most – my list of traders who have helped me the most over the years and may be able to help you.

12 Characteristics of Highly Successful Traders – a post outlining what separates highly successful traders from the perpetual losing ones.

One on One Mentoring – I do a small amount of mentoring with select traders. If this is something you’re interested in you can shoot me an email to discuss

Gain ExperienceMy Trading Rules

My Trading Rules – specific setups, defined rules, and methods for developing a winning mindset.

My Daily Trading Routine – how I conduct my day as a trader and competitive cyclist.

38 Steps to Becoming a Successful Trader – an outline of the steps we go through on the journey to becoming successful traders.


For more tools that I use on a daily basis you can visit the resources page.

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